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In The Shadow Of The Hill: Songs from the Carter Family catalogue, Vol. 1 is comprised of nine slightly more obscure songs from the Carter Family songbook, three of which penned by Joe and Janette Carter, the only children of A.P. and Sara of the Carter Family. The selections are eclectic, catchy, fun, sentimental; in the spirit of the Carter Family. This album is multi-generational, as are the songwriters, and will appeal to children, teens, first timers, and folk mainstays.

It was produced and recorded by Sean Watkins in Los Angeles, California and features musical guests Dominique Arciero, Tristan Clarridge, and Sara Watkins. Mixed by Dave Sinko, mastered by Christoph Hermann. Original artwork by Mayon Hanania, design and layout by DLT, and listed below, the original liner notes by Dale Jett.

“On August 1st, 1927 in Bristol, TN the Carter Family made their first recording for Ralph Peer on the Victor label. Now, 92 years later their music is still being recorded by people like Thomas Brosseau. I believe the reason that this music endures is because it is just as real and heartfelt as it was in 1927, and common people can relate to songs of hardship, tragedy, love, and faith.

For someone to take the time and effort to make a record of these songs tells me these songs touched and inspired Mr. Brosseau. And a record to me is not about money but music. It is a reflection of your emotions. It is who you are.

So on behalf of the Carter Family, I would like to thank you Mr. Brosseau for being who you are.”